volvo xc90 icm (30679227) (8673514)

volvo xc90 icm matrix radio panel w/screen 30752236 30732644

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Product Description

Volvo xc90 icm,it is matrix one and very hard to find, it comes with 60 day warrant andI do ship worldwide, it is in good working condition ready to be shipped,

If you have a blank screen on problem with skipping stations that means that you need to replace this unit, I have installed many and shipped hundreds of these and in most cases it is plug and play but I cant guarantee it because I have had cases that it needed to be activated, it is not difficult but in most cases it needs to be done at the volvo dealer because software needs to be downloaded to the car, dealer price of this icm $800

60 day warranty

easy to replace



Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs

icm matching these part numbers (30679227) (8673514)


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