Q:My 2012 S60 is RTI prep – and my radio plays DVDs (and I watch movies) on the screen … and I have an activated DiVX VOD code Do I need to replace the screen to activate RTI? I know there\’s a software piece of some kind – I have VIDA and the correct cables (expensive kit, not cheap kit) to connect to my car. I just want to buy from you whatever I need to buy and do whatever I need to do to get RTI going in my car.

A:No you don’t need to replace the screen, all you need is a rti player which will also play dvd movies, where are you located? I can send you rti player but need to make sure which one you need,

after it is connected it will need software it is not expensive at the dealer but needs to be done there because I don’t think you can download software from the volvo server without the license

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