volvo xc90 anti skid system problems

Q:Thanks Patrick I got the correct plug and installed it…. I had bought a used yaw sensor off eBay and thought it was bad with my old plug…. I ordered another sensor and installed it with the new plug but still get anti skid service required message. I doubled tripled checked pin placement and connections and can’t find anything wrong… Both used yaw sensors were supposedly working condition…. the only other problem I have is if tires are turned when I stop and come back to start car my key sometimes doesn’t turn until I take in and out several times…. do you have any suggestions? Wheel clock spring?
Thanks William

A:I recommend scanning the system because it is hard to say what the problem is right now, it also could be the DEM module in the rear differential, please scan it for faults than let me know what codes come up, if it goes to the key I would recommend spraying a little od wd40 in the key lock, but that has nothing to do with anti skid system,

thank you


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