2007 volvo xc90 anti skid message on the dashboard

Q:Hi Patrick, thanks for your quick response. Is the Yaw rate sensor and it’s plug-in cables new or used parts? I notice you have two available (Yaw rate sensor) and also available on backorder. Are they guaranteed to fit a 2007 Volvo XC90 3.2L? Please let me know because my Anti-skid service message has displayed on the screen and I would like to get it fixed. The only weird thing is that I watched your video on how to replace it and you mentioned the reason was due to water filtrating through the sunroof, but this model doesn’t have a sunroof, is that strange?

A:These are all used tested units, if you have 2007 here is the one you need for your xc90, please remove the amplifier and check if you have water under the seat if you do just poke a small hole in the floor pan so drain it, here is a link to the one you need, yes it is plug and play don’t need any software, please remove yours and look if the plug is corroded or the pins are corroded if it is thats what you need,
it is indeed strange you dont have a sunroof but just check the sensor or scan your system for faults, it might be a different problem, the best would be just to scan system than you would know for sure,


thank you


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