2004 volvo xc90 T6 many problems need help

Q:I really really need help my van was written off just before christmas and in my rush to replace it I was sold a very very bad 2004 volvo xc90 t6. she told me the only thing that needed to be done on it was the pcv system. I had the front wheel bearing done already but there is something wrong with the steering it keeps clunking/slipping. it feels like the rotors are warped when I break. it makes a fluctuating sound almost like it isn\’t getting enough gas sometimes after I just start it sometimes going up a hill. there is a light that wont go away on the dash the code says the temperature gauge is stuck? also the sun roof doesn\’t work. the cd player doesn\’t work. there was a metallic rattling sound at first only when it was very cold (as in negative temperature outside) and now when it is in drive and my foot is on the break. If you can help me figure out any of these I would really appreciate it I have taken it to the mechanic several times and they just keep charging me but only finding issues if i tell them what to look at (i told them about the wheel bearing)

A:I wish I could help you but it is very hard without seeing the truck, I know it is very hard to find a good honest mechanic, I would recommend getting rid off that truck at this point, I wouldn’t put any more money because you will just add more and more and it will still have more problems, it looks like it was neglected for many years and right now you have all these problems, I can help you fix the radio if it goes to sun roof very hard to say what it could be wrong with it,

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