volvo xc90 engine shutdown and antiskid service required light

Q:Iam from Costa Rica, and my dad bought a 2005 XC90 T6, and all of a sudden we experience some problems.
Antiskid service light,
AWD not working,
and just 2 times, he had experience an engine shutdown. He restart the car and drive normal again.

In our country the dealer is really expensive and most parts, are not available. so I found your web page and I would like to know if you can advice me on what to do and also to sell me the parts that I might need.


A:Yes I can imagine how difficult it is to service a volvo in costa rica, I will try to help as much as I can,

first if you could check under the passenger seat if there is water in there, simply move the seat back and lift the amplifier and check for any water under the amplifier, if there is water in there it means that you need to make a hole in the floor to drain it and than replace the module and a plug,

if it goes to the engine it is something more difficult to diagnose from here, could you have it scanned with any computer perhaps it would come up what makes it stop,

thank you

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