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radio isn’t working on my 2004 volvo xc90

Q:Hello, I was looking for some help with replacing a radio on a 2004 xc90 t6 and looking at the forums your name keeps coming up. Can you help me with diagnosing and parts? A:please let me know what problem you are having with your radio, I do have these ICMs just need to know […]

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Q: I am looking for a ICM that fits to my XC90 T6 premium year 2004. I am living in France and it is a XC90 for the french market. The old ICM has a matrix display A:Yes if you have matrix display it will work in your xc90, it is without the car phone, please […]

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volvo xc90 radio went black after short to 12V outlet

Q:I have a volvo xc90 2003mod. A few days ago the display went black when my iphone charger touched the 12v cigarette lighter “output”. We have checked all the fuses and measured that the 12v is still working. The display is black, no sound and no light. Parkingsensor sound is also gone. AC controll, cigarette […]

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2006 Volvo XC90 ocean race display goesblank

Q:Hi, My name is Mike. I own The Good Car Company. I have a 2006 XC90 Ocean Race with an in-op radio. We can turn it on and the screen lights up and displays a graphic. As soon as we call for radio it goes blank. It will stay on if operated in the menu […]

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Volvo XC90 radio module broken need 31300454

Q:My radio went out & I was told by the dealer that my modular went out. The dealer sent me to bestbuy & they told me to check online (ebay). The dealership gave me this number ICM #31300454 to help find a radio, but when I entered my truck info to see if it is […]

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volvo xc90 2.5 awd premium sound radio problem

Q:Hi, I have problem with my radio in XC90 2.5T AWD premium sound, single CD — the radio may start but shuts off, when it works the left speaker may go silent, often the display will go black but radio will still output sound. But lately it just shuts off after a minute. Do you […]

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Volvo xc90 icm purchase how to tell which one I have

q:have read your item description on the xc90 head unit and am very keen to purchase a replacement unit for my Volvo (dealer quoted $1200 to replace) Because I am in Australia I would like to make sure I have every chance of getting the correct unit first time and not needing to send any […]

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volvo xc90 radio icm purchase which one to buy?

Q:I took a look and im still unsure on which is the correct one. I have a 2004 xc90 6 cd changer no phone matrix display. On the back of the unit on the top there is a blue sticker with number 30679226. But it has another sticker orange in color with number 30679180. I […]

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volvo xc90 icm not working iPod or bluetooth retrofit

Q: I have the dreaded issue of a dead ICM. I obviously need to replace it but would also like to add options for bluetooth and an iPod if possible. Do you offer any solutions for these types of add-ons or do you have any suggestions? If not then just let me know what info you […]

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volvo xc90 icm replacement using used part

Q: Will a used ICM radio unit work in my xc90? I have heard about security issues and how I will need another software download… thanks. A:Yes, used icm will work fine in your xc90 I have sold around 100 of it or even more, all I need from you is the part number that […]

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