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Volvo s60R V70R hard to find parts parts

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Volvo s60R V70R hard to find parts parts

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volvo xc90 code p0456 evap leak and antiskid system required

Q:I have a 2005 Volvo XC90 the light is on anti-skid service required. I also have a code PO456 EVAP leak. The car is stuck in limp mode and the turbo is not working because of it. The car has had the problem with the ac tube clogged and had to use a piece of wire to clean it from the driver side. The sunroof has also cause a leak in the floorboard. I checked the computer box under the amplifier on the passenger side under the seat the terminals are not corroded. I was wondering what your thoughts on why it might be stuck in limp mode. I let it sit for a couple of weeks and the battery died now the turbo seams to be working. How do I get the anti-skid service message to go away?

A: antiskid wouldn’t coz it to be in limp mode, the best it would be to use volvo vida software to diagnose it correctly, it would show exactly why you have the anti skid message on, please scan it with volvo computer it will save you time and money, if your yaw rate sensor is good it could mean that one of the speed sensors is faulty, it is very hard to say without seeing that xc90,